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If you are a man who is regularly hitting up the gym, doing your workouts with intensity, and hoping to see lean muscle mass gains as a result of it, one particular supplement that you will also want to give some consideration to is ZMA.

Many men are already using some variety of protein powder as they know that top-5-reasons-you-need-zma_facebookgetting in enough protein on a day to day basis is required to generate lean muscle mass with. But, they often overlook the fact that simply providing sufficient protein is not enough. In addition to that, you have to make sure that the body is able to utilize the protein you are consuming effectively which is where ZMA comes into the equation.

Let’s take a closer look at what ZMA is and why it is the supplement to help you reach your goals.

What ZMA Can Do For You 

ZMA is a collective name for a group of 3 proven supplements – Vitamin B6, Magnesium and Zinc.

First and foremost, it helps the body have the necessary vitamins and minerals to perform the act of protein synthesis. This is the actual utilizing of the amino acids that you eat to form the bonds that make up new body tissues- namely, muscle mass.

If you are not getting enough of these nutrients in your diet on a daily basis, as you might imagine, it will impact your rate of muscle growth as you won’t see protein synthesis taking place as effectively as it should.

In addition to that, the zinc in ZMA is also helpful for increasing the natural testosterone release in the body, which is the key hormone that evokes muscle mass generation as well.

Together, these will help you see unparalleled results from your workout routine.

Added Benefits 

In addition ZMA also offers a few other benefits to take note of. First, it’ll help to enhance your sleep quality. This is important as well as sleep is imperative to good recovery from each workout session that you do.
It’s also the point in the day that you release growth hormone throughout the body as well, which is another powerful hormone that will increase the speed of muscle growth.

Secondly, ZMA can help to enhance your immune system function, which means you recover better between each workout session that you do.

Those with a poor immune system will find that they feel fatigued to a much greater extent for days after workout is finished.

Together both of these factors can definitely influence the level of muscle mass building that takes place and help you get to your end goal in record speed.

Taking ZMA Properly 

zma1To get all of these benefits to the highest capacity, take your ZMA supplement about 30-60 minutes prior to going to bed and have it on an empty stomach if possible. This will allow it to go to work so that it can serve up all of these benefits while you sleep.

The result is you wake up refreshed the next morning.

ZMA In Testosterone Boosters

Many good testosterone boosters contain ZMA in their formula

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