Prime Male Review Ireland

Prime Male Now Available In Ireland

The Top Rated T-Booster For The Over 30’s

Prime Male is an all encompassing, uniquely formulated testosterone booster made by Propura..

100% natural in its formulation, it’s unique in the fact that it is without any doubt, the best thought out, cleverly conceived testosterone supplement to have ever been developed.

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Designed specifically for men aged 30 and over (but is actually suitable for all men regardless of age) Prime Male is clinically proven to help boost and improve:

  • Muscle Tone and Strength
  • Sex Drive
  • Moods and Cognitive Function
  • Energy and Performance

It can also help to control and reduce unwanted excess body fat, especially around the stomach area ( a problem faced by many men as they get that little bit older)

Suitable For both Bodybuilders and Men who are suffering the age related  effects of Low testosterone.

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The Formula In Prime Male

As we said above, its obvious that the people behind Prime Male have done some serious research and development when putting this supplement together… very single ingredient in the mix has solid, concrete clinical evidence behind it that confirms its ability to boost testosterone production, increase muscle mass, strength and reverse the side effects that low levels can cause.

Each and every serving contains:


Taking Prime Male

The directions are simple, you take 4 capsules a day, spread evenly throughout to ensure a regular and steady release of the vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts into the bloodstream where it can get to work.

We suggest taking as follows

  • At Breakfast
  • At Lunch
  • Mid Afternoon
  • With Evening Meal

Any Side Effects

Unlike so many products out there that use untested and unproven ingredients, There have been no reports of any side effects being caused by Prime Male.

Users Feedback

Reviews are 100% positive, men of all ages have reported great improvements in muscle tone, mass and strength… this along with a marked improvement in sex drive and reduced body fat.

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Where To Buy Prime Male In Ireland

Now available throughout Ireland, ordering is simple, you can buy direct from the manufacturers at

Shipping throughout Ireland is quick and secure..

Prices start at €49.00 for a months supply..

There are some discounted offers for larger orders and we suggest the 3 month supply as best value for money.. You buy 3 months supply, get a fourth month absolutely free and free shipping.. this will cost €147.00.



Prime Male is sold with a 90 day cash back guarantee – simply put, if you use Prime Male for 90 days and fail to see any benefits, simply return the empty boxes for a full refund

Our Thoughts

We were really excited when we reviewed Prime Male.. its very cleverly researched and formulated and we have to applaud Propura for developing what we feel is one of the.. if not THE best natural T boosters available today.

Highly Recommended!

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