Muscle Boosting Effects Of Oyster Extract

Why Oyster Is A Must In Any Bodybuilder’s Regime 

If you want to pack on lean muscle mass in a hurry, it’s a must that you are paying close attention to the foods that you eat on a day to day basis.

Those individuals who are not eating the right combination of foods will not be supplying their body with the raw materials it needs to generate more lean muscle mass tissue, so results will fall by the wayside.oyster-590

Furthermore, certain foods offer even stronger health enhancing benefits, so by focusing on these foods, you can really make sure that you see top results.

One such food that you must consider is oyster.

Let’s take a closer look at the main benefits that this food has to offer so that you can see why it is the powerful addition to your diet that it is.


First, oysters are a great source of protein. Since protein supplies the raw materials that muscles are made up of, it’s vital that you do get enough. If you start to fall short, you might find yourself losing muscle rather than building it.

Oysters are a very high quality source of protein at that, so you can feel confident you’re giving your body what it needs.


Moving along, you also will get a good dose of zinc when you take in oysters. This is another very important mineral to consume, especially for men because they will lose some zinc each time they ejaculate.

Zinc is required in order for proper formation of testosterone in the body, so when levels run low, this will really influence your capability to build muscle mass tissue.

7-300x222If your testosterone is low, it won’t matter what you are doing in the gym, you won’t make progress as quickly as you could with higher levels.

An interesting fact is that Oysters contain more Zinc than the finest lean steak


Moving along, oysters are also a great source of calcium. This is important to note because calcium is involved with the formation of strong bones and one of the biggest problems many weight lifters face is painful joints as they try and lift heavier and heavier.

Taking steps to ensure proper joint strength will help reduce the chances that this becomes a limiting factor in your progress.


Oysters are also going to be a great source of potassium as well, which is a mineral in the body that helps to regulate muscular contractions.

Without sufficient potassium coming in from the diet, don’t be surprised if you start to feel more fatigued than normal on a day to day basis. You’ll find that your endurance level drops and even simply daily activities may wear you out.

So as you can see, there are many nutritional benefits to be had from eating oysters in your regular diet plan. If you’re someone who can’t consume oysters because you just don’t like their taste or for whatever reason, then you may want to consider supplementing with oyster extract instead.

However you want to do it – just be sure that you aren’t overlooking this powerful food.

Supplements Containing Oyster Extract

Rather surprisingly for a product so high in Zinc, most supplement companies appear to have overlooked oyster when formulating their products.

One company has chose not to followed the crowd – Testo Fuel have 1boxleftlargeincorporated Oyster extract into their power packed formula that includes 100mg of oyster extract alongside proven testosterone boosting ingredients such as:

D-Aspartic Acid, Fenugreek, ZMA, Ginseng and Vitamin D

With hundreds of positive reviews and no known side effects, TestoFuel is quickly becoming one of the best selling test boosters in the world.

Now available throughout Ireland, its certainly one to consider…

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