Increasing Testosterone By Exercise

Increase Testosterone Naturally Through These Exercise Techniques

Want to boost your testosterone levels to see better results while you’re training hard in the gym? If so, you need to take a good look at your workout protocol. Using the right exercise program can have a significant influence on the testosterone levels you maintain and likewise, if you use the wrong exercise techniques, it can actually cause major declines to be seen.

Therefore, using a proper workout program is a must for success.TestosteroneBodybuilding

Let’s take a closer look at how you can go about increasing your testosterone levels naturally through the proper exercise techniques.

Don’t Overdo Cardio Training 

The very first thing that you must make sure you are doing if you want to keep your testosterone levels where they need to be is to make sure you aren’t overdoing cardio training. Hours and hours of cardio training is one of the fastest routes to low testosterone levels, so this must be avoided at all costs.

If you are going to be doing cardio training, sprint instead. It’s a far better way to get leaner anyway so is more appropriate for your protocol.

Lift Heavy Regularly 

Next, also be sure that you are lifting heavy enough weight as well. Even if you are aiming to burn up body fat at this stage in your program, heavy lifting is a must. Men who start lifting lighter weights will only encourage lean muscle mass loss, while lowering their testosterone in the process.

You must ensure you don’t do this.!!

weightlifting-1-300x219Lift heavier weights and you will see faster muscle mass gains and better progress overall in terms of strength and power development.

Keep Rest Periods In Check 

The next important point to know is to make sure that you keep your rest periods in check. You do want to rest long enough that you are able to recover properly between sets and keep lifting the heavy weight you need to be, but at the same time, if you rest too long, you’ll lose the metabolic and testosterone boost you should receive from that session.

So aim to keep rest periods around 30-60 seconds for isolation movements and 60-90 seconds for compound. If you do this, you’ll be priming yourself for success.

Use Compound Movements 

Finally, last but not least, make sure that you are also basing your workout around compound exercises. These are the exercises that are going to help you work as many muscle tissues as possible as you go about the exercise, therefore generating a higher testosterone release.

While isolation exercises can help assist with muscle refinement and definition,Unknown when you’re in the primary mass building stages and looking to get your testosterone levels as high as possible, it’s compound movements that you want to turn to.

Squats, deadlifts, lunges, bench press, bent over rows, shoulder press, and lat pull-downs. Do these and you will get the highest release possible.

So there you have the main points to know and consider when it comes to structuring a workout to build more muscle size and see a higher testosterone release.

Use these tips and you will see the difference.


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