Anabolic Freak Review

Anabolic Freak 

One product that you may have heard about if you’re on the market for a testosterone booster is Anabolic Freak. This product is sometimes interchanged with Test Freak and while the two products can certainly be stacked as they are created by the same company, Anabolic Freak does offer some differences to know about.

This product is a comprehensive product that is designed to assist muscle PharmaFreak-Anabolic-Freak-96-Capsulesbuilding in a few different ways, so some do find it a bit more well-rounded that Test Freak.

What Is Anabolic Freak 

Anabolic Freak is a product that works on three different levels. First, it’s designed to naturally enhance the testosterone release taking place in your body using D-Aspartic Acid. If you do your research on testosterone boosters, you’ll come to find that many test boosters contain this ingredient alone, so it is a powerful one to add into the mix. It works naturally in the body, so side effects are quite low.

Then in addition to that, it’s also going to add an anti-catabolic/cortisol side to things. Cortisol is the stress hormone that’s released during stressful periods as well as during your workout that will serve to break muscle mass tissue down. Since clearly this needs to be minimized if you are to build muscle successfully, this part of the product will help to combat it. This also makes this product one to consider for times of dieting when you are more at risk at increased muscle mass loss due to high cortisol levels.

Finally, Anabolic Freak is also going to contain an anti-estrogen component, which helps to minimize the female sex hormone that works in opposition of testosterone. Without its presence, any testosterone you have in your system will be more powerful.

The only downside is that the formula is largely undisclosed, the makers preferring to hide behind various proprietary ‘complexes’…. this means that we do not know EXACTLY how much of each ingredient is in the formula.

Who Is Anabolic Freak For  

Anabolic Freak is for men who are already doing an intense workout program and who want to see increased results from their performance efforts.


  • Contains a number of natural ingredients that work with your own body chemistry
  • May assist with the prevention of fat gain in the abdominal region that is due to high cortisol levels
  • Can help to boost bone strength due to the D3 inclusion
  • Some users report seeing increases in strength and performance in the gym
  • Can assist with sexual performance as well


  • Product must be cycled, using for 12 days and then taking 3 days off
  • Some people may experience declines in strength on the off periods
  • Doesn’t contain zinc and many other proven test boosting ingredients – you would need to purchase Test Freak and stack the two to get this vital mineral for optimal testosterone levels
  • Is a slightly higher priced product

The Verdict 

Overall, this product does target the body on a few different levels that can help to support higher amounts of total testosterone. The drawback however is that this product is missing some of the key ingredients that would really benefit you – A rather clever marketing ploy that means to get these ingredients you need to buy the company’s second product as well.

So if you want a more comprehensive product all in one, you may want to look elsewhere.

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Our ratings have been based on:

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  2. Users Reviews and feedback
  3. Guarantees (Where Offered)
  4. Price

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