19 Anabol Testo Review

19 Anabol Testo 

Looking to up your mass? If so, you might be on the market for a testosterone booster. Since testosterone is the most powerful hormone related to muscle building in the body, it makes sense that if you are going to use a supplement,Anabol-Testo-Caps this is the hormone to target.

As you go about your search, you’ll be met with a multitude of different options. One particular product you may come across is 19 Anabol Testo.  You read the reviews – they seem fairly positive with a few very negative ones added to the mix. Who do you believe? Will this product really enhance your gains?

Let’s take a closer look so that you can make a more informed decision.

What Is 19 Anabol Testo

19 Anabol Testo is a product that is designed to induce the natural testosterone release in your body, rather which then is supposed to lead to increased muscle mass, muscle strength, as well as workout performance.

The makers tell us that this product is unique from some others on the market as it uses a rapid release formula, so it’ll start working more quickly as soon as it hits your system.

This should allow you to see results almost virtually upon taking it, however if you read through customer reviews, this doesn’t always seem to be the case.

The product contains a number of different ingredients in their largely undisclosed proprietary blend including 5-Methyl-7Methoxy-Isoflavone, 20-Hydroxy Ecdysterone, Avena Sativa extract, zinc, magnesium, Vitamin B6 along with BioPerine and 7-Isopropoxyisoflavone.

One interesting thing to note about this product is that it contains the exact ingredients also found in the more simplistic, typically lower priced ZMA supplement, so one has to wonder, “would you see the same results from using that supplement alone?”

100 19 anabol-500x500One always must be careful because many companies will add ‘filler’ ingredients and increase the price making you think as though their product is more powerful.

Who Is 19 Anabol Testo For 

This product is strictly for use with males who are on a progressive resistance training program. Females should not be using this as it’ll interfere with the natural female hormone production they need to sustain proper reproductive function.


  • Has the rapid release formula
  • Contains proven ingredients – ZMA, however these can be found on their own
  • May enhance sleep quality due to the addition of ZMA
  • Shows positive signs of sexual performance enhancement and libido levels


  • You must cycle this product taking it five days on/2 days off for eight weeks followed by a 2 week break
  • Some people may see declines in strength during the off period
  • Can cause some serious side effects such as heart palpitations, headaches, and nausea in some individuals
  • May not be any more effective than the lower cost ZMA product out there

The Verdict 

All in all, this product does have some positive things going for it but with the list of serious side effects that are listed as warnings on the label and reported in user reviews along with the fact that other more cost effective choices contain similar ingredients, you may want to look elsewhere.

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